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Translating is an art - it cannot be rolled off the production line!

Computers and machine translation systems cannot understand the unwritten meaning that is so often found between the lines of the text we translate, even though specialised software can be a useful tool when translating.

We use advanced software alongside human skills because we believe in the value of professional translators and interpreters.

Insist on having your text translated by a professional, native-speaker translator: your company’s image depends on how clear your communications are and how natural the language sounds.

Often, translations are entrusted to friends and acquaintances, presumed to be familiar with the foreign language into which the text is to be translated. Any company, however, that wants to present itself as professional and serious, knows how essential it is that their text is translated by a professional translator; someone who is specifically qualified and has the tools to best address the text to be translated.

Translating does not mean simply converting words from one language to another. It means, more importantly, transferring the thoughts and concepts from one culture to another; it means being able to bridge cultures – sometimes very different ones! That is why the support of a professional, native-speaker translator, who has a perfect knowledge of the culture, habits and customs of both the source and target languages, is fundamental to the image of those companies who wish to invest and/or open new offices in areas such as the Middle East, China, India, Turkey, Russia…..

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