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My name is Silvia Pacuvio and, since 2003 with ABP Translations, I have been providing a comprehensive set of translation services – in any language combination – for individuals as well as businesses of all sizes and categories. I am an accredited translator and interpreter, enrolled in the Italian Register of Certified Technical Consultants (Experts for the Court of Florence), under no. 10.095, enrolled in the Florence Chamber of Commerce Register of Consultants and Experts (under no. 1.331) and registered with the Florence Chamber of Commerce under no. REA FI-624662 and my Italian VAT no. is 05410020480.

I manage translation projects in any language combination and work with a team of freelance translators, each with specific skills and specialisations in various technical and commercial sectors.

Personally, I work on:

Official, sworn and certified translations for certificates, educational qualifications, authenticated copies of documentation, contracts, foreign driving licences, any other paperwork for approval or authorisation, documentation validation and recognition for and from other countries in the following language combinations:

  • French > Italian;
  • English > Italian.


Technical translations (manuals, technical specifications, catalogues, documents relating to quality and safety certification) and interpretation services for training courses, company visits, business meetings, roundtable discussions, business negotiations in the following language combinations:

  • French > Italian and vice versa;
  • English > Italian.


I began my career as a translator working for a company dealing with technical support documentation. This enabled me to develop the skills to provide my clients with, in addition to a high quality translation, layout and pagination services with delivery of the finished product in: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, QuarkXPress, Adobe Indesign, Autocad, etc. If necessary, I can call on support from DTP, 2D and 3D software specialists.

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